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09.01.14A new member has arrived to our talented team!

David Rio welcomes its new Sales Support Coordinator, Chris Kincaid! Chris comes to us with an extensive background in sales, and we are thrilled to have his bright energy in our office to take care of all of our customers’ daily needs! Chris is highly personable and has a passion for people, customer service, and David Rio! Welcome aboard, Chris!

09.01.14David Rio’s Chai Blitz has come to a successful completion!

Our beloved Chai-oneers, Keegan and Andrew, have completed their eight-week San Francisco initiative, paying a visit to over 200 cafés, cruising in the Chaimobile around town with our social icon, Chaiger, while greatly elevating David Rio’s San Francisco brand awareness. Through this initiative, we saw significant growth in our social media presence, opened numerous San Francisco accounts, and met friends and fans across the Bay Area. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for future initiatives. The Chai-oneers will be greatly missed and until their return back to San Francisco, we thank them for all of their efforts!

FeaturesPower Chai® Matcha (dairy-free)
Power Chai® Matcha (dairy-free) David Rio’s (only completely) dairy-free, vegan chai is craft blended with black tea and Japanese matcha. Its rich and bold taste is enlivened with the traditional flavors of real chai spices including ginger, clove, cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. Powered with antioxidants from the matcha teas, it is delicately blended into a Read More
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