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Chai Bar by David Rio Celebrated Two Years

On May 19th, the Company’s café, Chai Bar by David Rio, celebrated its two year anniversary. In the past years, Chai Bar offered its signature lines of David Rio chai as well as experimented new food and beverage concepts using its chai including baking goods. Among the many were Elephant Vanilla™ chai scones, Power Chai® muffins, ready-to-drink chai such as Tortoise Green Tea™ with Chia, as well as its most popular beer on the menu, the Tiger Spice Chai.P.A. The Chai Lab at the cafe continues to be an active platform for David Rio where new recipes and products are tested and sampled with customers. The café remains as one of a kind location that specializes in chai, and welcomes a wide range of regulars who work or live in the neighborhood, travelers from abroad who are fans of David Rio in their own countries, and chai lovers from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are in the Market Street neighborhood, stop by. We’d love to see you there. If you are interested in learning more about Chai Bar, follow us on Instagram @ chaibarsf.

FeaturesElephant Vanilla™ Chai
Elephant Vanilla™ ChaiDavid Rio's very first chai recipe remains as popular as ever, and is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices. This season, try our Salted Caramel Chai Latte recipe with your favorite Salted Caramel Syrup. It is delicately blended into a convenient mix that makes an excellent gift Read More
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