Animal Welfare

Our partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) tiger campaign aims to protect tigers in the wild, working on the front lines to combat poaching, end all trade in tiger body parts and products, secure vital habitat, and raise awareness about tigers and the threats they face. In 2011, David Rio’s donations helped IFAW alert Chinese authorities to the illegal trade of tiger bone wine at an auction house in Beijing, prompting the Chinese government to stop the sale.

We are pleased to be one of IFAW's Corporate Partners to help facilitate their mission. To emphasize our commitment to IFAW in protecting wild tigers around the world, a percentage of the profits from each sale of any size David Rio Tiger Spice Chai® will be donated to their initiatives. Every year, a portion of our donation will also be allocated to help stop the illegal ivory trade. Join IFAW's Elephant March, and say NO to ivory.

Our regional partnership with Cat Tales Zoological Park

Cat Tales Zoological Park is dedicated to promoting the preservation of endangered species in general, with a specific focus on endangered exotic and wild cats. Cat Tales is also home to the Zoological Training Center, which is the only school of its kind in North America, and provides additional education opportunities that teach students every aspect of zoo operations and professional animal care.

In 1999, we commemorated our signature Tiger Spice Chai® by adopting a rescued Bengal Tiger named Thor. Today, Thor is a 600 pound, 12 year old tiger and lives with his brother Atlas and sister Xena at Cat Tales Zoological Park in Mead, Washington. Every year, we receive a card or picture celebrating Thor and we share these with you on our Flickr page.

Our local partnership with the Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) & SPCA

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA is a private non-profit guided by the humane ethic, building healthy relationships between people and animals. As an ethical choice, they accept all animals in need of care and often provide a second chance to the neediest animals: those who would otherwise be turned away at so-called “no kill” agencies that accept only highly adoptable animals.

David Rio and the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, have been in partnership every year since David Rio’s early beginnings. For the past ten years, David Rio has been a corporate sponsor of the Annual PHS & SPCA Mutt Strutt, held in Coyote Point Park, in San Mateo, California. This annual event raises funds and awareness for shelter animals at PHS/SPCA awaiting adoption.

Our in-kind donations to non-profit organizations

In addition to our partnership with IFAW, Cat Tales, and PHS/SPCA, we also support other non-profit and animal welfare organizations with in-kind donations of David Rio products. It is a great pleasure working with and supporting these organizations, including the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the International Association of Giraffe Care Professionals, the French American Chamber of Commerce and countless local primary and secondary schools. In 2011, the entire David Rio team had the pleasure to be invited by the lead giraffe keeper, Amy Phelps, at the Oakland Zoo to meet and feed the giraffes. To see photos of our excursion with the tall, blonde creatures, click here.

We encourage everyone to make a difference in the life of an animal by supporting animal welfare groups and donating to, adopting from, or volunteering at your local Humane Society or SPCA. If you know of a great animal conservation or welfare organization that you think would be a good match for us, we welcome your suggestions. Please contact us.