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Featured Cafe: Temo's Cafe

Meet Jordan Royales, the manager at Temo’s Café in San Francisco, where David Rio’s Tiger Spice Chai® is offered at their location on 24th Street at the corner of Harrison Street, in the popular Mission District. Our Brand Marketing Manager, Jodet, met with Jordan to learn more about the café and how their customers are enjoying David Rio’s signature Tiger Spice chai!

Be sure to check out our Youtube video featuring Temo's Cafe on our "Chai Beat from the Street" video series page.

Jodet Hello, Jordan! It is so nice to meet you, and thank you for having me! Please tell us about Temo’s Café and how it got started.

Jordan Hi Jodet! Temo’s Cafe is under new ownership. Recently they purchased Bello Coffee & Tea, which is what the cafe used to be named. I have been working with them at this location for three years, and have been helping Temo’s Café through its new transition.

Jodet Very exciting! Please tell us about the new owner, Lamea. I met her for the first time today, and she’s very sweet!

Jordan Lamea is the new owner and she is a fantastic woman! She used to own a café previous to Temo’s Café, and has brought along an immense amount of experience with her. In conjunction with my experience at this location, we have it going on!

Jodet Sounds like a power duo! Please share with us what your role is at Temo’s Café.

Jordan I am the manager, and I place all the orders for the café, along with managing and maintaining all scheduling. Most importantly, I select all the products for the menu that work best for the café, which is why I had decided to bring on David Rio’s Tiger Spice Chai® ! We have had such a good response from customers, and all of our employees really love David Rio Chai!

Jodet That’s fantastic! How did you find out about David Rio Chai?

Jordan The week before Lamea purchased the café, your Chaioneers (learn more about the Chai Blitz and Chaioneers here) Andrew and Keegan, stopped by the café to introduce our team to David Rio Chai, and provided us with samples. We tasted them all and really liked the Tiger Spice Chai and decided to bring it on board! We also really liked hearing that David Rio was founded here in San Francisco. We like supporting local businesses in our city.

Jodet We are happy that you now serve David Rio Chai! What have customers said about our Tiger Spice Chai® ! so far?

Jordan Our customers who order chai have it every single day, so they were very accustomed to having the other chai that we used to have on the menu. The day we changed to David Rio Chai, the overall response was, “Wow, this is really different, but I really like it!” Our customers enjoy the well-balanced spices in combination with the sweetness, and that they could taste all the individual spices in Tiger Spice Chai® !

Jodet We love the aroma and taste of our organic spices, too! Tell us, what does Temo’s Café specialize in?

Jordan Our espresso is quite special because we roast our own beans in-house! We source the beans from five different origins, including Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. Since Lamea is from Palestine, we also have homemade hummus and falafel now on the menu. Our bagel sandwiches are also very popular with our customers.

Jodet They all sound so delicious! I will have to come back for the bagel sandwich and dark roast espresso. Thank you again for your time, Jordan, and we are so thrilled to have Temo’s Café offering David Rio Chai!

Jordan Thanks Jodet!

Temo's Cafe Location:

Address: 3000 24th Street, between Balmy and Harrison Street in the Mission District. Phone Number: (415) 829-2822 Hours: 6am-6pm on weekdays, and 7am-6pm on weekends.