History of David Rio

David Rio is an award-winning, premium chai and tea company based in San Francisco, California offering customers only the finest products domestically and around the world. In May 1996, co-founders Scott and Rio created a line of specialty tea, coffee and accessories through an all-Japanese language catalog in Japan. Initially, they planned to market the Elephant Vanilla chai in Japan only, but soon after its release, domestic demand from both individuals and wholesalers led to offering David Rio chai in the US as well. Wanting to create an additional chai with a strong presence of spices, David Rio developed a second flavor, Tiger Spice Chai®. Soon after the release of Tiger Spice Chai® and because of our ties with Japan and green tea, David Rio created the first green tea based chai in the market. Following in the tradition of naming our chai after endangered species, Tortoise Green Tea chai arrived. What started as one of many products in a Japanese language catalog has transformed into America's premier chai brand now available in cafes, restaurants, and specialty food stores across the US. David Rio chai products are available in three sizes and sold in over 45 countries around the world.

We trust that you will enjoy our products and look forward to hearing from you!

- Rio & Scott


David Rio's mission continues to be the global premium chai and tea brand by exceeding customers' expectations, providing exceptional taste with quality ingredients, and offering innovative products supported by superior customer service. David Rio achieves success through its perpetual commitment to customers, employees, vendors and creditors. We strive to earn the respect and trust of our business partners and give back to the communities that are instrumental in our success. We pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service, whether the sale is one canister or one truckload, and we treat each customer as our most important.

David Rio creates innovative and unique products that blend Eastern traditions with Western style. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients and recyclable or reusable packaging while maintaining the integrity of our premium product lines. Without a doubt, David Rio's objective is to be the premier brand in the industry. As a part of our mission, we work with animal welfare organizations, including the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in California and the Cat Tales Zoological Park in Washington. Each year since 1999, David Rio commemorates Tiger Spice Chai® by continuing to support the adopted Bengal Tiger named Atlas.